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See the FHWA style guidance  provided for example text for Accomplishments and Proposed Activities. Task numbers and concise sentences are required.     

All budget categories >= 5,000 (excluding salaries) must be itemized in a seperate textboxes that will appear based on the value entered.

This website is for LTRC Project Management purposes only.
The Project Management and Tracking System (PMTS) is a relational database system used to manage and track LTRC research and technical assistance projects through the project cycle. All project information is entered and retrieved from the database through a webpage using individual user logins. In addition to storing project information digitally, the system offers reports and business data analysis enabling LTRC project management and associated business processes to be more efficient.

PMTS documentation and user manuals are available on the LTRC Website.
For more information on LTRC research process and project management, please see the LTRC Research Manual.

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